It was a sunny November day like any other in Los Angeles when, born out of a moment of sheer Excel spreadsheet frustration, I created @themediaisdying – the Twitter feed that now chronicles the changing landscape of the media industry. After updating the same spreadsheet for the fifth time that day with another outlet going out of business or long time contact leaving a familiar outlet I thought ‘there must be an easier way’. Initially, the feed was anonymous but decided to reveal who ran the feed when BusinessWeek asked me to pen an article about the state of the media industry.  Since its inception it has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, AFP, PaidContentMashable, Gawker, NY Magazine, Pando DailyUTNE, AdFreak and a host of others.

With +30,000 followers from around the world the “microblog network” has become (I’m told) a place to find out what is really going on, find a job (@themediaishirin) and post that you are looking for a job (@themediaishuntn).  Got a tip?  Send it to mediaisdying@gmail.com or send a DM.

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