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"How aggressive Flipboard moves in that area will be interesting, as the company obviously has to be careful about biting the hand that feeds it. (In fact several publishers have already pulled back from the partnerships, choosing instead to focus on their own apps). The only way for publishers and the media to fight back then will be to remove articles from the system, or cut a deal. However, I have said it before and I’ll say it again: No paywall will ever be truly successful unless all the competition is paywalled, too."

Pa$$w0rds. Or why ‘Whopper123′ is unacceptable in any year not just 2013…

Why brands don’t have rules and regulations for passwords I’ll never know.  Oh wait.  The majority of them do.  … Read the rest

"Google has had a successful year - despite its recent tax issue - with the continued rise of Google+ (+135m active users worldwide), its first foray into hardware (Nexus 7), a continued focus on non-tablet mobile, and, let’s not forget, the tiny matter of refining its core revenue-generating product Search...or more specifically the ad network."
Paul Armstrong talking to MSN

2013 and beyond… [Predictions!]

It’s that time of year again to go through Evernote and really see what’s on the horizon and beyond.  Here are my 10 predictions for 2013.… Read the rest

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 22.58.44

Everyone is missing a major point about Google+ Communities…

Now with +135m active users (and +500m members overall) Google+ is no longer a “Ghost Town” but rather a 2013 must have.  Today Google launched “Communities” (in essence, places to chat about your passions with other likeminded obsessives) and further hit home that … Read the rest

"Forget tablets, forget smartphones, the technology behind Glass is not an extension of you, it literally becomes part of you."
Picture 4

INTERVIEW : Megan McCarthy [Mediagazer]

Megan McCarthy currently runs Mediagazer, a news aggregator focusing on stories examining the changes in the media industry and the implementation of technology into mass communications (read: my bible).  Megan helped to launch Mediagazer, a spinoff of technology news aggregator Techmeme, in March, … Read the rest

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What the Facebook email announcement really means and what you need to know…

Whether you are impressed, scared, ambivalent or it passed you by entirely, you can’t deny Facebook‘s vision and ambitious nature recently.

Short story : Facebook announced a series of changes to it’s ‘messaging’ offering: now the goal is ubiquitous messaging that others have … Read the rest

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