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"But it could also be a weakness, meaning “business is still highly reliant on networks that it has little-to-no control over,” said Mr Armstrong, the digital consultant."
"...the future for media has yet to be written and that you have to want things enough to make them happen. Decide you want it before you can’t undo the damage it will do."

FINANCIAL TIMES : “ENRC @ a loss over Twitter”

Proud that Digital Orange Consulting was featured in the Financial Times about Fortune 500 companies and their use of social tools.

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"After Flipboard launched its curation capabilities, Paul Armstrong, a media consultant, wrote a blogpost declaring it a “giant iceberg lurking in the path of the media”, due to the creation of “yet another huge set of competitors vying for the same eyeballs [publishers] covet” that “should be sending chills of terror through professional curators like editors and writers”."
"The arrival of smartphones changed the equation. Shazam could help users identify songs at parties, then direct them to iTunes. “Music executives loved it, because it’s one click to purchase,” says Paul Armstrong, an advertising consultant."
Financial Times (07/05/13)
"Twitter is the perfect vehicle to express rage, or people's outrage at other people's rage, and nothing stirs tweeters more than "very polarising personalities", according to Paul Armstrong, a social media consultant at Digital Orange. "When it comes to well-known figures, especially controversial figures, everyone feels they can weigh in and have a personal opinion," he says. With death, there is also a phenomenon, particularly on Twitter, of people wanting to be the first to report it, he says. Of course, Margaret Thatcher's death wasn't the first to spark a Twitter frenzy. Michael Jackson's death was "stratospheric" and Amy Winehouse was huge too, Armstrong says. What was unusual in Lady Thatcher's case was the vitriol."
BBC News
"How aggressive Flipboard moves in that area will be interesting, as the company obviously has to be careful about biting the hand that feeds it. (In fact several publishers have already pulled back from the partnerships, choosing instead to focus on their own apps). The only way for publishers and the media to fight back then will be to remove articles from the system, or cut a deal. However, I have said it before and I’ll say it again: No paywall will ever be truly successful unless all the competition is paywalled, too."
"So could Vine tickle the fancy of advertisers? Paul Armstrong, the head of social at Mindshare, believes it can, although he concedes that it might take a while for people to understand its true potential. "Vine could do more than simply put a smile on people’s faces. It has, with the right strategy, the potential to make cash registers ring," he predicts."

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