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INTERVIEW : Founder of ‘Bang with Friends’, Colin Hodge

I’ve said for a while now (and there are theories and books on the subject) that the general world needs to wake up to lessons the porn world can teach us.  … Read the rest


INTERVIEW : Soo Meta Co-Founder, Tamas Szakal

You might not have heard of SooMeta yet but I suspect you will soon.  … Read the rest


INTERVIEW : Henry Mason,

I first met Henry Mason (left) after he had (for all the wrong reasons) a very tough act to follow.  … Read the rest

"The arrival of smartphones changed the equation. Shazam could help users identify songs at parties, then direct them to iTunes. “Music executives loved it, because it’s one click to purchase,” says Paul Armstrong, an advertising consultant."
Financial Times (07/05/13)
"Twitter is the perfect vehicle to express rage, or people's outrage at other people's rage, and nothing stirs tweeters more than "very polarising personalities", according to Paul Armstrong, a social media consultant at Digital Orange. "When it comes to well-known figures, especially controversial figures, everyone feels they can weigh in and have a personal opinion," he says. With death, there is also a phenomenon, particularly on Twitter, of people wanting to be the first to report it, he says. Of course, Margaret Thatcher's death wasn't the first to spark a Twitter frenzy. Michael Jackson's death was "stratospheric" and Amy Winehouse was huge too, Armstrong says. What was unusual in Lady Thatcher's case was the vitriol."
BBC News
"So could Vine tickle the fancy of advertisers? Paul Armstrong, the head of social at Mindshare, believes it can, although he concedes that it might take a while for people to understand its true potential. "Vine could do more than simply put a smile on people’s faces. It has, with the right strategy, the potential to make cash registers ring," he predicts."

Interview : Angelo Sotira, CEO of deviantART

In a world of +1 billion Facebook users, or +250m Google+ users it’s easy to forget the little (and not so little) guys and focus on the larger social networks. Any good strategist will tell you that can be a mistake.… Read the rest

INTERVIEW : Groupon’s Joshua Lehmann [Head of Communications]

Groupon has gone from site du jour to mainstream in a blink of an eye yet many still don’t fully understand the potential of this platform (or how it works).  Recently snatching a fair wad of cash from investors and numerous competitors emerging … Read the rest

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INTERVIEW : Naked Wines CEO : Rowan Gormley

I first found out about Naked Wines at a London Bloggers Meetup.  I’m not a huge wine drinker but I was intrigued by the business model and their ethos.  This was written many moons ago by Rowan – I got a shipment today and … Read the rest

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INTERVIEW : Megan McCarthy [Mediagazer]

Megan McCarthy currently runs Mediagazer, a news aggregator focusing on stories examining the changes in the media industry and the implementation of technology into mass communications (read: my bible).  Megan helped to launch Mediagazer, a spinoff of technology news aggregator Techmeme, in March, … Read the rest

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