Twitter’s ‘Vine’, a new art form? Not yet. But there’s potential in those 6 seconds.

First there were GIFs, then animated GIFs and now there’s Vine - Twitter’s just launched, much heralded “new type of content” video service.  The catch?  Well, if you like short videos (and I mean 6 second short videos) there’s no downside for you.  If you foresee this as a new type of content (as many have) you are also in luck.  If, you see this as yet another way for people not to think about what they are uploading  Anyway – download it, try it out and try to make something.  It takes a second to get used to it and currently the copyright filter seems woefully lax but it’s an easy way to make additional content for…any reason you choose.

My issue?  It’s going to add a lot of crap to an already busy ecosystem and whilst they *can* look nice and really add value – most are going to be (and already seem to be) value-less crap (porn, self-landfill etc) that will be viewed once by the originator.  You decide.  You can see them posted live here on Vinepeek.  I’m not so sure about a new content  art form has been created but Vine has the potential to be interesting.

It comes down, yet again, to value.  What are you putting into the system?  What are you adding?  Is it of value?  Is it of enough value?  To whom?  Time will tell just how successful Vine will be (I suspect it will be a runaway success – at least in the beginning).



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